Who are We

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Zowie Georgia Massage & Healing was born in 2015 and is the most recent addition to Zowie Conway’s Massage & Healing repertoire. 

Zowie has 10 years of experience as a therapist and healer and has meticulously chosen therapists to work alongside her at Zowie Georgia Massage & Healing


Empowerment Sessions

We can get caught up in limiting belief systems, dynamics and repetitive patterns and cycles that keep us stagnant and unable to reach our full potential.  

Our beliefs can be deeply ingrained in us - so much so that they are unconscious, meaning we're are not always aware of them but we feel a blockage regardless. This blockage, however it manifests - as a feeling in our bodies, a thought pattern in our minds or amidst the confusion of both - it notifies us that we need to listen - to find our centre again and to become more aware in our authentic selves. 

My job is to help you identify those blockages through talking therapy, Massage and Energy Healing. 


Some clients will say to me 'I want to release this specific feeling as it doesn't feel good.' - As much as I can relate to this and the immediate desire to eradicate whatever makes us feel uncomfortable. First it's necessary to allow the feeling to be felt, to be honoured as you've acknowledged that there is pain, sadness and all the multi-faceted array of emotions life promises. But this is also a very human process, to deny our emotions that are not as happy is a delusion as by doing this we're also unable to truly experience the potential of pure joy. 


It is that old clichè of having to endure our dark night of the soul in order to reach the light. 


Except I don't feel our healing is about 'taking away' the pain and placing a plaster on the wound, or by-passing our shadow because we think we should be light, true healing is about making friends with these parts of us, to accept them and only then can we also embrace the gifts they reveal to us.


My work has evolved through working with various Healers and Teachers over the years and as a hands on therapist for 9 years. I have studied psychology and will be studying Psycho synthesis soon but my passion is to bring a balance with our minds and bodies, because when we are too caught up in our minds we can become disassociated with our emotions, Intellectualizing too much, or equally we can try to reach to touch something too high, in the name of false spirituality, believing it initially as something outside of us and getting lost in illusion. This is when we lack grounding. I have experienced both. Dr. Assagioli,


The founding father of Psycho synthesis psychology, stressed the importance of the human ‘impulse towards wholeness’ and of the longing and striving for a more authentic and truer experience of Self, recognizing the unfolding potential inherent in that. 
So I love to take into account our inner processes in a very grounded and spiritual way, as much as this can seem like a contradiction to some, as some people believe that Spirituality is something higher than us, outside of us, however I've learnt that to really feel connected to my own spirituality, to my heart in both a transcendental and human way, I had to be grounded and embodied.  

So, how do our sessions begin? 

With an open-ness, courage, intention and surrender. 

I look forward to working with you. 

£100 - 1 hour in person 


£150 - 90 minute session in person


£80 - 1 hour Skype Session