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All Treatments with Zowie, the Director are;

£50 = 30 minutes
£100 = 1 hour 
£150 = 90minutes 

All Treatments with our experienced team of therapists are; 

 £40 = 30minutes
 £70 = 1hour 
 £90 = 90minutes 
 £140 = 2hours / 1 hour each Couple's Massage 

*** Lunchtime Offer *** 

Tuesday - Thursday 11am - 3pm
All 1 hour massage treatments are £50 
(Excludes 'Chakra Massage' 'Reiki Healing' 'Crystal Healing & Empowerment Sessions') 

Packages Available: 

5 x 1hour massage Package  = £300 (£60 per treatment instead of £70) 

5 x 90minute Massage Package  = £400 (£80 per treatment instead of £90) 

5 x 2 hour Massage Package = £600 (£120 per 2 hour treatment instead of £130)

**Please note that all Couples Massage will take place in separate rooms** 

What is a Deep Tissue Massage? 

‘’Deep Tissue Massage’’ is the most popular massage treatment as it has that ‘Good Pain’ factor. 

The purpose is to release tension and chronic pain that is deeply embedded within the body.
Deeper pressure and advanced techniques are applied to enable the therapist to penetrate the muscle and break down stubborn tension. 
Most people feel that a Deep Tissue Massage is therapeutic as well as being a corrective treatment. 

It’s therapeutic because you can feel the benefits straight away and after a few treatments it’s common to feel more open and expansive because long-standing tensions (also known as adhesions) have been manipulated and released. 

The therapist will always tailor the pressure to your preference.

What is Sports Massage? 

‘’Sports/ Remedial Massage’’ Helps eliminate sore and aching muscles, especially after exercise.
Sports/Remedial Massage helps the healing process, speeds recovery time and helps the release of lactic acid. 

This treatment is effective in alleviating:
- Muscular pain, tension, stiffness and weakness
- Repetitive strain injuries
- Stress and its many related facets
- Headaches and insomnia
-Increased range of movement
-Decreased risk of injury 

As Well As Supporting:

- Recovery from injuries and surgery
- An improvement in your general posture
- Greater strength and movement within the joints of the body
- Improved performance whatever your field, physical or otherwise
- Increased ease, comfort and harmony felt within the body.

What is Holistic Massage? 

‘’Holistic Massage’’ is a relaxing and soothing treatment that nurtures the Mind, Body and Spirit.
It’s intuitive as well as being technical and incorporating techniques that help relieve tension.
The word ‘Holistic’ comes from the Greek word ‘Holos’ which means ‘Whole’.
Aristotle summarized holism as ‘The sum of its parts’
Holistic massage dissipates tension within the body, eases stresses within the mind
and helps to bring an equilibrium through re-balancing and re-connecting to Oneself on a deeper level. 

What is Myofascial Release? 

'MFR' is a specialised massage used for the effective treatment & rehabilitation of soft tissue and fascial aches, pains, tension and restrictions through stretching the fascia.
It's very effective in alleviating chronic pain by using techniques that are soothing instead of painful.
This treatment is very healing. 

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Monday - Saturday             11am-8pm 
Sunday - 11am - 7pm 

Our Therapies:

Deep Tissue Massage
Sports/ Remedial Massage
Myofascial Release 
Trigger Point Therapy
Ayurvedic Massage 
Ayurvedic Foot Massage 
Craniosacral Therapy 
Thai Massage (Wat Po)
Pregnancy Massage
Holistic Massage
Crystal Healing
Thai Yoga Massage 
Indian Head Massage

Reiki Healing